A distinctive figure of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza: Karel Čermák A man, who can be relied on

An civil engineer graduate, he studied high voltage engineering, and began working in the seventies as an electrical maintenance technician in the thermal power station in Otovice near Karlovy Vary. Later he worked as an electrical designer, designing security systems specializing in low-tension electricity. After thirty years in the field, however, he wanted a change, and it came unexpectedly.

Mr Čermák's daughter began working for Eden Group in 2001in the position of chief economist. At that time, the company decided to build a luxury five star, globally recognized, hotel in Karlovy Vary. The construction of the hotel required reliable and consistent technical supervision. When Karel Čermák learned about the possibility of cooperation from his daughter,he entered the selection process and as chosen for the position.

Almost two years supervising the construction brought Karel Čermák enormous experience in every area of construction. As foreman Mr Čermák technically charted and studied the entire construction without flaw. Thanks to the valuable experience and knowledge acquired during the construction of the Carlsbad Plaza hotel and after receiving final building approval, Eden Group had found a perfect incentive to once again approach Mr Čermák with an offer of further cooperation.

For five years Karel Čermák has been passing on his experience to his colleagues in the technical department. He knows all the details and technical specifications of the hotel, and now specializes in routine maintenance - supervising all eleven hotel elevators, gas control equipment, dealing with low current and high current distribution and is the head metrologist of the company. In order to fulfill all the above mentioned functions Mr Čermák has had to completed intensive training and the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza is grateful for his highly valued contribution. Karel Čermák's greatest asset is his approach to the clients of the hotel. He is constantly concerned with their well-being and tries to meet their every need.


Karel Čermák

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Published date: Aug 15, 2011

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