A Lipomassage at the Carlsbad Clinic: Radiate Beauty and Satisfaction

A beautiful, youthful, fresh complexion and a strong posture are evidence of a good physical condition. Although good exercise, healthily eating and being on a purifying diet are excellent habits they are not always enough. From a certain age, the body naturally loses its perfect appearance and must be properly stimulated.

Try a new procedure at the Carlsbad Clinic, which has wonderful positive affects on your body's function. Learn more about these two exclusive French wellness treatments that make you slimmer, younger, more graceful and happier.


Famous spas are now relying on the extremely efficient Cellu M6 Lipo, which not only serves to accelerate the metabolism resulting in the subsequent reduction and emptying of fat cells, but also in shaping body curves, reinforcing the necessary areas of the body and restoring tired skin.

The sophisticated lipomassage procedure yields unexpected results by targeting and removing more fat in specific areas in a pleasant, natural, noninvasive and painless way. The treatment softens the visual signs of cellulite, which affects a high percentage of modern women, by effectively removing cellulite and gently reshaping skin that has lost its strength and flexibility, the treatment is also effective in helping to rapidly lose excess weight gained through pregnancy or the natural aging process. The mechanical activation of collagen and elastin in cells during the procedure also contributes to the systematic reconstruction of the physical structure and the strengthening of the abdomen, chest and hips. Results can be seen after six sessions of 35 minutes each. Experts from the Carlsbad Clinic, through the precise and clinical consulting of its clients, will design an adequate lipomassage program tailored to be as efficient as possible.


This second program offers a totally natural antiaging procedure in the form of a liftmassage. Mechanical endermolifting treatments focus on cleansing and rejuvenating the skin and the effective anti-wrinkling and firming of facial contours.

Factors such as stress, smoking or poor environmental conditions negatively affect the blood and lymphatic system causing facial and neck skin to suffer. Fortunately, the appearance of facial and neck skin can be properly stimulated by ‚LPG Lifts'. Not only does it deeply clean the skin, it also restores a healthy touch of colour and helps to restart the cellular mechanism needed to produce new collagen and elastin. As a result of this effective treatment shallow and deeper wrinkles are repaired from the inside and a surprising reinforcement of facial contours and more pronounced cheekbones is also created. Treat yourself to an hour of therapy at the end of which you can expect a bright and healthy complexion.


Lipomasáže na Carlsbad Clinic

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Published date: Aug 15, 2011

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