A recognized personality requires a recognized cigar

The cigar, a symbol of a successful man, well earned relaxation and a quality drink with the elite. A distinctive atmosphere in magnificent surroundings, culminated with the soothing effects of quiet jazz or classical symphonic background music. Enjoy a luxury cigar in exquisite locations that are the Old Times bar and the Lobby bar of the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel. Reveled below a touch of sentimental reading...

The cigar originates in the exotic Caribbean region.

Its production has remained the same for centuries and direct human intervention in production remains an irreplaceable factor, whether in the growing and harvesting process in the fields covered with muslin or during cigar production.

Three types of leaves are harvested – 'Ligero' from the highest parts of the plant, from which comes the strongest tobacco, 'viso' from the middle part and 'seco' from the very end of the plant, all of which are destined to produce the finest tobacco.

Only two or three properly fledged and appropriately colored tobacco leaves come from each batch. Afterwards the leaves are dried in the sun on fragrant cedar structures, then they are fermented and after they are left to mature for several years. They are sorted and cleaned continuously. Once they reach the desired level of quality the blender of the smoking mixture arrives, the baler ties tobacco leaves and places them into the press, from where it is taken for further processing by the second baler. Once again, cigars mature in bales of fifty pieces for sixty days to one year.

The final cigar is derived from five criteria - the type, covering leaf, color, size and shape. A place of its origin influences its quality and taste - whether it's Cuba, South or Central America, Pacific, Africa or Indonesia. Classical lovers prefer straight cigars called 'pajeros', the others-irregular cigars are called 'figurados'. Straight cigars are further divided into Corona, longer and thinner Panatela and Lonsdale, irregular cigars are divided into giant Diademas, the most expensive are Torpedo, conical Pyramid, pointed Belicoso, Perfecto with round ends and rare Culebra.

An important factor in retaining the exquisite taste of a cigar is its storage. The method was mostly developed by Zino Davidoff, who invested in the first air-conditioned cellars with a temperature of 18 °C and a constant humidity of seventy-five percent. You can enjoy these extra quality Davidoff cigars at the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel.

The Old Times night bar, Lobby bar and Bon Soir Cafe offer sixteen premium types of cigars. The hotel's sommelier cares for all of them with love. He ensures their proper storage and a permanent selection.



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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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