A revolutionary innovation from THALGO

THALGO successfully launched its anti-wrinkle 3 series last year and is now expanding the range of specific eye care products. These new products contain, in addition to specific active ingredients, caffeine micro-particles and Actiflow that counteract eye swelling and lighten dark circles under the eyes.

 An innovative 'gentle eye and lip make-up remover' and more recently a completely new two pack ' waterproof eye and lip make-up remover' to remove even waterproof makeup. The collagen range extends to collagenic eye roll-on with a 24-hour effect, and the complete hyaluronic range of smoothing eye mask and the Silicium program with its Firming Eye Contour Cream.

To complete these new products a new and unique concept of eye mask massage treatment, which uses 5 different technologies for maximum anti-swelling, and to combat dark circles and wrinkles. It has a wide range of effects including relaxation and refreshment through the release of muscle tension and epidermal stimulation.

Eye massage glasses combine five technologies: pressure massage therapy - balloons that inflate and press at the temples, vibration massage - small vibrating motions which differ in intensity are applied to the entire eye contour, digital acupressure massage - digital pressure at various pressure points, thermal diffusion, either directly or through an electronic mask or with the help of an additional purple gel mask, pre-heated or refrigerated.

A warm gel mask stimulates blood and lymph circulation, so the effects are relaxing, reduces stress, prevents wrinkles and helps increase the absorption of active substances. A cold gel mask has a drainage and firming effect, thus acting against swelling, follicles and dark circles. The technology is complemented with music therapy - relaxing Thalgo music with, which plays when the device is turned on.

From the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza there are 2 different therapeutic approaches aimed specifically at the eye area – an eye treatment using a collagen gel mask for the eyes and a hyaluronic smoothing eye mask. Do not hesitate in persuading yourself of the great effects for your own eyes at the beauty lounge at the Carlsbad Clinic.


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