A secret Italian tradition

Wines have been a typical product of Italy for more than two thousand years. Grapes from Italian vineyards, however, can also be enjoyed through a spirit called grappa. Accept an invitation to the bars in the Carlsbad Plaza and discover the taste and aroma of a traditional Italian brandy.

Grappa is an alcoholic beverage obtained exclusively by the distillation of rape, which is the remnants from the pressing of wine and is not only considered a traditional Italian drink, but also a law. In order to name the spirit 'grappa' it must be distilled from rape produced only in Italy. Because of these strict rules, we can enjoy authentic Italian brandy, which usually has an alcohol content range of between 37.5% and 60%. Today the finest distilleries can be found in the vicinity of Trent in northern Italy, where it comes from the prestigious Marzadro distillery, whose produce you can choose in the bars of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza.

The Marzadro family distilling company has been operating on the market since 1949 and is located between the hills where originates one of the most appreciated and most prestigious Trentino wines. Experience, for over half a century has been passed down from father to son where tradition reigns in the art of distilling. This grappa distillery offers from young, through aromatic and flavored to Riserva, which age for at least 24 months in oak barrels.

Should you select one of three of the exceptional aromatic Le Giere grappa, matured for 36 months in small barrels of precious wood, you will afford yourself a velvet taste. For a unique combination of smooth taste and distinctive aroma with a maturation period of eight years try one of the select Affinata grappa. If you do not wish to choose from the wide range of Marzadro distills, we can propose several Berta brand premium grappa's, which also belong among the Italian grappa elite.

Should you come to the Old Times Bar, Bon Soir Café or the Lobby bar and order one of the grappa's from the Marzadro company, you'll enjoy the refined taste and the aroma, which, if only for a moment, takes you to the north of Italy.


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