About our city: "Vřídlo" The Thermal Spring


On average 2000 litres of pressurized mineral water at 73.4 ° C surge upward to a height of 12 m every minute. Yes, we are talking about the spirited healing spring of Karlovy Vary - the world famous „Vřídlo“, (Thermal Spring), the waters of which are used in medicinal baths.

The regular and tireless ejection and lazy return of the famous column of mineral water from Vřídlo’s exit point has, since the 16th century been covered by many structures: a Baroque style building, the Classicism colonnade, a cast-iron and a temporary wooden colonnade. The next and the most recent functionalist style colonnade structure surrounding the thermal spring dates from the late 60s of the 20th century and was designed by the architect J. Votruby. This latest structure hosts  thermo-mineral drinkable water springs with temperatures of 72, 57 and 41 ° C. Vřídlo, which is the warmest thermal spring in the Czech Republic, is a fascinating natural phenomenon and the pride of Karlovy Vary. Although there is admiration for what we see above ground, the underground part (basement) of the spring also deserves our enthusiastic consideration.

Vřídlo’s basement extends under the floor of the colonnade and found in its bowels is the location for  pumping, distributing and the thermal regulating of the thermal water.  Another, and probably the most interesting place is where aragonite 'grows over' the memories of Karlovy Vary. The entire basement is a place that thousands of tourists visit annually.

Judge for yourself how magic is made available along the route of the spa underground aptly called “Podzemí Vřídla“ ("Hot Spring Basement") – an unforgettable tour will show you a process „turned to stone“, thermal mineral water springs, rare organisms living in the thermal environment, deposits of  sintra stone and argonite and other attractions.

Vřídlo thermal mineral water can sample directly from the drinking fountain in the main lobby of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, additionally try any of our traditional mineral baths.


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