AntiAging: Highly effective medicine of the 21st century

The accelerated life style making current society reach perfect results under excessive pressure ensue in more and more frequent noticeable symptoms of organism damage in the process of its natural aging and in psychosomatic problems. The high demands of the 21st century therefore gave rise to a new medicine specialization: AntiAging medicine.

This unique medical method combines elements of classic western medicine with traditional procedures of eastern approaches to medicine. It focuses on neglected symptoms of civilization diseases and their successful treatment. As a result, the aging process in organism is slower, its rejuvenation is more intense and the quality of life at its every phase is higher.

Diagnostics and medical AntiAging interventions are executed at the prestigious Carlsbad Clinic in collaboration with A2C, the first certified anti-aging medicine clinic. Its offer of rejuvenating procedures is designed for all age groups – exactly according to the mission of AntiAging medicine, stating that it is the care of health and good life style since early childhood that are the basics of quality life.

The first step to successful treatment is a good diagnosis. At the Clinic it is executed by means of several tests. For example, the examination of brain neurotransmitters, the disorders of which show in increased fatigue of organism and loss of energy. Bio Aging – the measurement of the biological age of individual organs. The ALCAT examination of food intolerances, including chemicals, fungi, medicines or dyes that may be contained in consumed food and may cause obesity or allergic reactions in a few days. The FORT test – the measurement of free radicals contained in blood, attacking and damaging healthy molecules in the body, which may lead to various serious civilisation diseases. Genetic and hormone examinations or complex biochemical examinations.

The resulting detail diagnosis will enable the determination of appropriate and effective treatment procedures and will be a basis for recommendations to change life style in some aspects. A proper approach to the organism guarantees the enhancement of performance, concentration and effectiveness, and will be a basis for good diet, reduction of weight or excess sensitiveness to some food components, for keeping your body in a perfect condition for long years to come.



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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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