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Our client testimonials on cryochamber treatment

We bring our client testimonials on cryochamber treatment. ... Complete article

Aug 19, 2010

Nordic walking: Health walks in the stunning Carlsbad scenery

Imagine a charming nook of nature, cozy forest trails, scenic lookouts and colorful pavilions with a lovely atmosphere. In Carlsbad, there is no need to give up your precious walks. ... Complete article

Aug 4, 2010

Beauty Salon Magic Charm: A world of beauty from nature's heart

Beauty rests in inner happiness and satisfaction with oneself. Indulge yourself in regular luxury care, which has the ability to momentarily suspend time while thoroughly regenerating body and mind and turning them into a more positive wave. ... Complete article

Jul 20, 2010

Эксклюзивные преимущества бонусных программ

Комфорт проживания в отеле является не только вопросом обширного предложения услуг отеля, уникальных процедур или эксклюзивного оснащения. Помимо наличия любезного и обходительного персонала, решающими моментами для комфорта гостей отеля также являются и, на первый взгляд, незначительные, но, тем не менее, в совершенстве продуманные детали, которые предназначены для того, чтобы предоставлять гостям отеля целый ряд приятных преимуществ. ... Complete article

Jul 10, 2010

My favorite wines evoke nice experiences

Maintaining high quality wines and other drinks in perfect condition, ensuring their adequate supply, caring for the drinking glass, and in particular providing an exceptional experience to the guest - that is how Simon Jakubik, an ace sommelier, defines his interesting work for restaurants and bars at Carlsbad Plaza. ... Complete article

Jul 8, 2010

The temptation of Sweet Orient dishes and intimate Asian interior

Fragrant jasmine rice, the robust flavor of wasabi, delicious taste of fresh fish, dazing blooming tea, Japanese sake or nigiri sushi served on a banana leaf. Let yourself be tempted into the world of oriental flavors, aromas, colors, shapes, sounds and atmosphere in the newly concepted hotel restaurant Sweet Orient. Enter this soothing gastronomic salon, which will inspire your senses with grandiose delicacies, selected Asian specialties and traditional oriental drinks. ... Complete article

Apr 10, 2010

Best bars in Karlovy Vary

Do you belong to lovers of exclusive wines coming from best Italian and French family vineyards, do you like to have a glass of excellent cognac, cannot do without a cup of delicious tea every day, cannot resist mixed drinks, or have you fallen for superb glacier, rain, undersea or volcanic waters? Let us invite you to four original bars of the Carlsbad Plaza hotel. ... Complete article

Apr 1, 2010

Sommelier brings new sensual pleasure

One of the most respected and reputable professions in gastronomy is the profession of sommelier, a specialist in quality of wine, master of excellent taste who can combine dishes with beverages to create unique harmonic combinations. ... Complete article

Feb 10, 2010

French Knight and "Dumpling"

Interview with Lukáš Paluska, the chef at hotel Carlsbad Plaza Lukáš Paluska is in command of the restaurants and bars in the five-star Carlsbad Plaza hotel. He does not distinguish among French, Czech or European cuisine, but between good and bad dishes. He is not a collector of "cook bibles", which he opens when preparing a new menu, but is also a knight and advisor on French gastronomy and a culinary artist. He finds inspiration for fabulous menus everywhere. "One must have his eyes wide open". You may get good inspiration from mum at home, from mums of friends, on holiday and when visiting Michelin restaurants." ... Complete article

Nov 27, 2009

Champagne: Sparkling French Miracle

Champagne is specific in all aspects. Do you know that it is bottled in thick glass wine bottles with a concave bottom to resist the pressure of the sparkling beverage? That the cork has a mushroom shape and its metal part is called agraffe? That the temperature of served champagne should be 6 - 8°C and it should be poured to flute-shaped glasses so that its yellow tones and flavour could extend to full? And that, as the only wine, it may be drunk with any meal? ... Complete article

Oct 11, 2009
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