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Executive Chef Lukáš Paluska: Beef cheeks with French charm

Excellent cuisine is a harmonious chord of the chef´s personality, selected fresh local ingredients and grandiose ideas resulting in a superb combination of flavors that will daze you with their unique originality. ... Complete article

Jul 20, 2011

Sorrento Restaurant chef awarded with silver at the international gastronomy awards

At the end of last year, and after a four year break, the 11th Culinary World Cup was held in Luxembourg. The biggest culinary competition, comparable perhaps only to the gastronomic Olympics in Erfurt, Germany, presented the whole world's gastronomic elite, 26 senior and 10 junior national teams, including a team from the Czech Republic. ... Complete article

Jun 14, 2011

Šárka Matějková: A small but significant piece of the mosaic that is the story of each guest

Šárka began as a receptionist and worked through the reservation department which was followed by the position of Room & Spa Division manager. Then in the Summer of 2005 the opportunity to join the team preparing the opening of the luxury five-star Carlsbad Plaza hotel presented itself. ... Complete article

Jun 10, 2011

The Chef’s invitation to the Sweet Orient Restaurant Japanese Shabu Shabu

Dear guests, culinarians, gourmets let me invite you to savor a unique specialty, which can only be tasted in the newly renovated and stylish Sweet Orient restaurant in the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza - the Japanese Shabu Shabu dish. ... Complete article

Jun 6, 2011

A distinctive figure of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza: Karel Čermák A man, who can be relied on

When the Carlsbad Plaza plans to build, renovate an interior or needs advice on solving technical problems, it is important to have a team of professionals on hand. The Carlsbad Plaza has just such a team of capable craftsmen at its disposal. Without a doubt, of the group of twelve professionals, only one man - Charles Čermák has the greatest experience. The man who was present at the birth of the hotel and has overseen its construction. ... Complete article

Oct 2, 2010

Live a sensible life, do not exaggerate anything

Interview with head physician MUDr. Alexandr Lukovnikov. "Live a sensible life, do not exaggerate anything. Move a lot and eat rationally," MUDr. Alexandr Lukovnik says to his patients as the head physician of the Carlsbad plaza luxury medical centre, who was pushed to come to Karlovy Vary years ago by his family and bad economic situation in Russia. ... Complete article

Apr 1, 2009

Inspired by the beauty of artichoke

Pierre Lèotard is the chef of the La Bohème hotel restaurant at the Carlsbad Plaza hotel. His master cuisine is linked with his native country – France. In La Bohème he invites you for foie gras poelé with ginger sauce and spice granite, roast turbot with thyme and other delicacies. He was given the Michelin Star for his culinary art in France: "I love good food and enjoy it very much. To be a good cook you need to love the individual components and create something new of them. If you are not a gourmet, you cannot be a good cook." Will you enter his kingdom with us! ... Complete article

Jan 12, 2009

Satisfied guests always warm my heart

Jarmila Mrázková works as a receptionist at the "Carlsbad Plaza" hotel. Last autumn she was awarded an exclusive award of the panel of judges in the "Young Receptionist of 2008" competition. Apart from her job, she also studies law at the university college in Karlovy Vary, she speaks English, German, Russian and Spanish and dreams about her own bar on a beach of a country with pleasant warm weather. ... Complete article

Jan 4, 2009

Who takes care of you at the Carlsbad Plaza

Since 2007 the doctor of the Carlsbad Plaza team is MUDr. Ljuba Osyková who uses her vast experience gained before. She finished her studies of the Medical Faculty in the eighties and obtained degree certificates and the licence of Charles University in paediatrics, physiotherapy, physical medicine and balneology. She also holds a licence in manual medicine, acupuncture and SU-JOK methods. ... Complete article

Nov 10, 2008

Interview with the Sales & Marketing Director

Eden Group a.s., the operator of the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel, appointed a new Sales & Marketing Director this May. Her name is Jitka Daxnerová and we prepared a short interview with her for you. ... Complete article

Oct 15, 2008
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