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Grand Restaurant Festival

Launch into gastronomic heaven, or visit the ‘a la carte’ restaurant at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza which for several years has participated in the Grand Restaurant Festival, a traditional holiday for all lovers of good food and drink. ... Complete article

Feb 14, 2013

Born of the Dutch

Gin is one of the best mixable spirits. This alcoholic beverage obtained by distillation of grain with the addition of various herbs is rightfully popular both among bartenders and drinkers of mixed cocktails. Gin originated in the 16th century in the land of flowers, the Netherlands. ... Complete article

Feb 1, 2013

Backstage of our hotel: Personnel department

In this summer's issue of the Carlsbad Revue we will reveal a little behind the scenes of the personnel department, asking how many people are employed by Eden Group, in what age groups and what their motivating factors are. ... Complete article

Jan 17, 2013

Hotel Personality

Basically it all started as an incredible coincidence. About 15 years ago a close friend introduced me to Ing. J. Frenkel and since then we have been working together and creating. In fact, I have always worked in the post of Executive Director, but over the years the number of hotels that we as a company have operated has changed. ... Complete article

Nov 15, 2012

Lamb "Crispy" several flavors

Regular visits the hotel's kitchen allows glimpses at the Head Chef's culinary secrets. This issue is no different so you can enjoy reading the secrets of the French delicacy ‘Lamb “Crispy” several flavors’. ... Complete article

Oct 22, 2012

Youth under control

A new program inspired by aesthetic medicine is now helping in the fight against wrinkles – the collagen smoothing program from the French Thalgo cosmetics. This advanced anti-wrinkle care presents a series of three new efficient products and processes that you can try at the Carlsbad Clinic in the Magic Charm Beauty Lounge. ... Complete article

Sep 24, 2012

Wine treasures of Tuscany

Hotel sommelier Šimon Jakubík constantly endeavors to choose the widest selection of the most interesting wines for the guests of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza. He is proud of his ability to inform guests of the most interesting facts and information about our wines. ... Complete article

Sep 17, 2012

Hotel Personality

In the periodic column we present a hotel personality and this time we interviewed the sympathetic Director of the SPA Division, Maxima Frenkel. ... Complete article

Jul 30, 2012

Eternal youth

We cannot stop time and it is measured the same for each of us. But we can slow down aging, thanks to the anti-aging medical treatment that you can try at the Carlsbad Clinic in Carlsbad Plaza hotel. ... Complete article

Jul 26, 2012

Accommodation for every occasion

Anyone who visits any hotel wants to be in the room where it is housed, what felt best. The hotel Carlsbad Plaza offers its guests the accommodation facilities, which else you could only dream of. ... Complete article

Jun 14, 2012
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