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A recognized personality requires a recognized cigar

The cigar, a symbol of a successful man, well earned relaxation and a quality drink with the elite. A distinctive atmosphere in magnificent surroundings, culminated with the soothing effects of quiet jazz or classical symphonic background music. ... Complete article

Oct 15, 2011

New procedure: A Sensual candle massage – The Candle Ritual

Legend has it that the Thai massage was invented by Buddha's personal physician, Dr. Jivaka Komarabhacca, who used his knowledge of the Indian 'Ayurveda' healing procedure and traditional Chinese medicine. It is also said that during his travels to Thailand he established four branches of traditional Thai medicine, one of which was the Thai massage. ... Complete article

Aug 1, 2011

Discover the hotel “behind the scenes”: Laundry

Who would not like clean and fragrant linen waiting for them everyday in the hotel, soft towels in the bathroom, the spa and health center, and luxurious linen in the dining areas? And who would not appreciate day after day that the hotel staff welcome them in clean and perfectly ironed uniforms? Come with us to see the hotel "behind the scenes" to reveal quite surprising findings ... ... Complete article

Jul 28, 2011

Effective Ayurvedic spa and wellness packages help you relax and grow younger

Ayurveda is a system of traditional Indian holistic medicine and health care procedures, which are more than 5 thousand years old. The creed is derived from extensive texts - the so-called Vedas, which form the oldest part of Sanscrit literature. ... Complete article

Jul 26, 2011

Executive Chef Lukáš Paluska: Beef cheeks with French charm

Excellent cuisine is a harmonious chord of the chef´s personality, selected fresh local ingredients and grandiose ideas resulting in a superb combination of flavors that will daze you with their unique originality. ... Complete article

Jul 20, 2011

Sorrento Restaurant chef awarded with silver at the international gastronomy awards

At the end of last year, and after a four year break, the 11th Culinary World Cup was held in Luxembourg. The biggest culinary competition, comparable perhaps only to the gastronomic Olympics in Erfurt, Germany, presented the whole world's gastronomic elite, 26 senior and 10 junior national teams, including a team from the Czech Republic. ... Complete article

Jun 14, 2011

Šárka Matějková: A small but significant piece of the mosaic that is the story of each guest

Šárka began as a receptionist and worked through the reservation department which was followed by the position of Room & Spa Division manager. Then in the Summer of 2005 the opportunity to join the team preparing the opening of the luxury five-star Carlsbad Plaza hotel presented itself. ... Complete article

Jun 10, 2011

The Chef’s invitation to the Sweet Orient Restaurant Japanese Shabu Shabu

Dear guests, culinarians, gourmets let me invite you to savor a unique specialty, which can only be tasted in the newly renovated and stylish Sweet Orient restaurant in the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza - the Japanese Shabu Shabu dish. ... Complete article

Jun 6, 2011

Kanebo: Skin cloaked in silk as light as air

Japan, land of the rising sun, gentle and calm women, fragile cherry blossoms, airy Koishimaru silk and excellent cosmetics all for which Japanese silk was the most important source of knowledge. ... Complete article

Jun 2, 2011

We were awarded the most prestigious ‘5 * Superior’ certification

It is our great honor to inform you that the Carlsbad Plaza became one of the top three hotels in the Czech Republic and the only one in Karlovy Vary to have been awarded the exclusive international 5-star superior certification this year. ... Complete article

Jun 1, 2011
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