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The Carlsbad Plaza’s golden keys

Almost every five-star hotel boasts a reasonably prestigious concierge service that meets the wishes of respected guests and tries to reach out in all respects to meet and ensure absolute comfort during their stay. ... Complete article

May 25, 2011

Discover the secrets of cognac

Today only a select few realize by what unusual circumstances the renowned golden drink known as 'cognac' was created. ... Complete article

Mar 13, 2011

Wrap your skin in pure gold

The extraordinary beauty of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and the exquisite beauty of the royal queen ruler of Chinese Ch'ing dynasty was achieved through regular skin care and the beneficial properties of 24-carat gold. ... Complete article

Mar 7, 2011

Hollywood celebration: 5 years of the Carlsbad Plaza

Opulent gowns and hairstyles, sensual boas, top hats and bowler hats, fragrant cigars, selected delicacies and great company. The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza in February this year had a wonderful reason to celebrate. Not only did the Carlsbad Plaza win another prestigious international award, but it had also been just 5 years since the first guests entered and stayed at the hotel. ... Complete article

Mar 1, 2011

Discover your unique beauty with Sensai Cosmetics.

We all have our own natural unique beauty that reflects our lives. Sensai cosmetics not only respect individuality, but also help illustrate and enhance your natural beauty. ... Complete article

Nov 13, 2010

Let us give you a pleasant surprise!

Do you enjoy pretty and pleasant surprises that can delight and enchant you? Do you appreciate if somebody offers something extra? Do you love change for the better which completely reflects your needs? Then you'll love staying at our hotel. Fascinating surprises are to be found throughout the Carlsbad Plaza. Still in doubt? Come have a look around! ... Complete article

Oct 22, 2010

Anatoly Bardin on resting and ice hockey

Accompanied by his wife, Anatoly Bardin, the successful general manager of the Russian hockey club Avantgard Omsk, visits the famous spa town of Karlovy Vary year after year. The man who in the late spring persuaded the top Czech player, Jaromir Jagr, to remain loyal to the Russian Omsk for the following season, regularly stays at the Carlsbad Plaza: ... Complete article

Oct 9, 2010

A distinctive figure of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza: Karel Čermák A man, who can be relied on

When the Carlsbad Plaza plans to build, renovate an interior or needs advice on solving technical problems, it is important to have a team of professionals on hand. The Carlsbad Plaza has just such a team of capable craftsmen at its disposal. Without a doubt, of the group of twelve professionals, only one man - Charles Čermák has the greatest experience. The man who was present at the birth of the hotel and has overseen its construction. ... Complete article

Oct 2, 2010

Develop your senses like the flowering of tea ...

Tea is not only about a nice aroma and delicious taste. It may also look beautiful and therefore intensely stimulate your senses. These inspiring flowering teas will make the relaxing moments you select more enjoyable and will pleasantly surprise you with their attractive concept that complements the existing range of high quality loose and bagged teas available in our 'Sweet Orient' restaurant. ... Complete article

Sep 29, 2010

Grilled fillet of Sea Bass in a wine sauce served with stuffed artichokes

Enjoy an exclusive combination of unique flavors prepared for you every day by our French chef Pierre Léotard, head chef of 'La Bohème' restaurant, and his excellent team. ... Complete article

Sep 6, 2010
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