Art de watches and jewellery...

The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza is proud to present a newly opened luxury jeweler's shop , Art de Suisse, at its premises. We appreciate the fact that we we have an opportunity to offer our guests this jewel among jewels under its roof .

Art de Suisse is a top quality proven over time . Art de Suisse is a real art passed down from generation to generation. The history and tradition of this family brand began around the year 1865 when the Kazazi family‘s grandfather changed his surname to Sahatçiu , which in translation means " watchmaker ", because in the days of the Ottoman Empire, where the family has its roots, it was customary to take the surname of their craft .

The Art de Suisse boutique is a leader in exclusivity. Already at the entrance to the boutique you can feel the exceptional interior, where you can find unique treasures. Art de Suisse is synonymous with diverse, unique and selected products , unique pieces , limited editions and above all providing the highest level of care for their clients.

In the boutique you can choose from renowned jewelry brands such as : ZENITH, HUBLOT, CHAUMET, CORUM, H. STERN, BOVET, PARMIGIANI, JAQUET DROZ, HERMES, TAG HEUER, BVLGARI, RAYMOND WEIL, BUBEN & ZORWEG and others.

Below we will look into at least two global brands from a wide selection of famous names renowned for their solid foundations of high quality and prestige.

Under this brand and under the baton of Michel Parmigiani rose again the Swiss art of watchmaking. Parmigiani took traditional cultural heritage in his hands and with great dedication passed it onto each unique watch . Each watch carries his spirit and creative freedom that allows absolutely timeless perception of design. The symbiosis between inspired treasures of the past and the wildest dreams for the future is an unmistakable reference of Parmigiani watches .
Parmigiani is harmony in diversity, heritage of the past, compliance to expertise with a strong modern identity and proof of the highest quality workmanship.

Buben & Zorweg
Convincing innovation and superior design, thus we can introduce the brand Buben & Zorweg , which is a special brand for lovers of quality watches and accessories . Every avid watch collector will appreciate the racks and boxes of exclusively crafted Buben & Zorweg watches, sure to satisfy even the most demanding of you.


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