Art Salon Karlovy Vary

Porcelain carries a panache of exclusivity

It is the sole and exclusive seller of very rare artifacts in Karlovy Vary. It is also the official representative of brands such as Lladró, Robbe&Berking and, in particular, Meissen, one of the oldest brands in the world, specializing in the production of porcelain statuettes and other pieces. Art Salon in Karlovy Vary is a seller of luxury, art and traditions.

Art Salon has been operating since 1999 and in recent years, it has gained a certain prestige and a large number of satisfied customers who trust its specialists, so well-acquainted in this niche. It focuses on the sale of the three above mentioned brands, but especially Meissen, and since they are the official representatives of these brands, they can provide customers with pricing and information comforts. The prices of porcelain are identical to those in Meissen, where life is breathed into the original pieces.

Start your collecting passion at Art Salon!

The foremost concern of the salon is quality, thus its offer includes real collecting gems. In most cases, it is a limited edition for collectors, whether long-time or just budding ones.

Luxury Meissen pieces at Art Salonu
One of the totally unique pieces sold by Art Salon is the Monkey Band, which is one of the first collections of exceptional value. It was designed by Johann Kandler and its first known rendering dates back to 1750. Twenty-one figures of monkeys including the conductor are dressed in human clothes and playing various instruments. The characteristic features of the Monkey Band are real-life poses, movement dynamics and design to the smallest detail.

Another piece of no less value is a statue of a greyhound, coming from the same author and also made by Meissen. It was first introduced to the market in 1766 and modelled after the dog of Empress Catherine II.

An exclusive treesome of brands
Among the brands the sale of which Art Salon specializes in stands out without any doubt Meissen, with its more than three hundred years of history and products, whose quality has been tested by time over and over again. The production started in Albrechtsburg in Saxony near Meissen and every product is original, hand-made and painted. A collection of Meissen porcelain is represented in many museums of world importance, in the collections of Stroganoff princes or that of Catherine II. The porcelain figurines, sets,  candleholders and vases are full of life and diversity. Well-known for the signature logo of crossed swords, they have become cult collector items.

Lládró is currently one of the most important contemporary factories active in manufacturing porcelain art. It was founded 60 years ago in Spain and over the years, it has established  itself as a specialized provider. Delicate porcelain figurines of cute children, elegant ballerinas, ladies in flirty dresses or exotic geishas decorate not just Salon Art, but also the State Hermitage Museum, the National Museum of Ceramics in Valencia or the collections of Queen Elizabeth II. or that of Frank Sinatra.

Another company with a high level of design and quality, this time specialized in the manufacture of silverware, is called Robbe & Berking. Its robust design and the highest possible standard has been the worldwide leader for 140 years, as evidenced by the fact that the silverware made in this manufactory can be found even in the palace of the King of Jordan or in the official residence for receiving guests in the Kremlin.


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