Ayurveda: Master the art of longevity

You have probably already encountered this strange mystical name but you are still not clear on what exactly Ayurveda refers to? If we search a synonym for this ancient natural medical system, Ayurveda can be described as "the art of longevity" or "science of life". It is surprising that this 5,000 year old system originated in India and is one of the most comprehensive health care systems that we know. The wisdom of Ayurvedic is applicable to people around the world, even in today's modern times.

Ayurveda involves a lot of fascinating knowledge about the sophisticated nutrition mechanism, herbal therapy, detoxification, regeneration and rejuvenation of the body, massage techniques, meditation, aromatherapy, sound and colors therapy and many others. To understand and get into this ancient unique system, we must first understand its true meaning and wisdom. Each of us is original and has specific needs. Ayurveda does not recognize universally applicable healthy lifestyles and diet, and therefore, accordingly does not recognize that any one medicine can improve or heal a range of ailments.

Let's focus on the body, mind and soul. Because not only the body requires care, but the mind and soul also need pampering, and all three taken together set one above the other. Don’t insist on adhering to strict rules and let Ayurveda enlighten you with several advantages. You will begin to understand for yourself that you are unique and original, only then we can look inward and truly embrace Ayurveda.

Rid yourself of the old life and embrace Ayurveda in this new rebirth and try Ayurvedic packages and treatments at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza. Among the most popular treatments is Pizhichil, which includes a full body Ayurvedic massage performed by a therapist and where soothing warm oil is continuously poured over the body while all the while being massaging. Treat yourself to regeneration of the body, mind and soul, sink into mystical Ayurvedic treatments and rituals to the fullest.


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