Ballotine of Rabbit

Chef's Recipe

Ballotine of Rabbit

The kitchen air is filled with a pleasant fragrance and it simmers under the lid - Executive Chef Lukáš Paluska presents another of his excellent recipes, this time you can enjoy a ballotine of rabbit.

As he says: "Rabbit meat is excellent, easily digestible and with a minimal amount of fat."

So do not hesitate and let’s get started with preparations. First we debone fresh rabbit legs and set the meat aside, we roast the bones together with root vegetables on high heat and then cover in chicken broth. Let it simmer until you have a consommé of rabbit with a magnificent golden color.

Pound the boneless rabbit meat slightly, but really only slightly, so that the individual meat fibers don‘t get disrupted. Season thus prepared meat lightly with coarse salt and freshly ground pepper. Then place a confit of tomatoes and basil leaves on the rabbit meat, and neatly roll it up. We fix the roll by wrapping it in a veal diaphragm.

We eventually seal the rabbit in a vacuum with a little French butter and fresh thyme giving it a nice aroma, we put it in a bath called Sous-vide, in which it will be heated at 56 °C for three hours. The set temperature must be constant throughout the preparation because it will prepare the meat to a point where it will melt on your tongue.

The chef recommends a barley pilaf, as a side dish to the ballotine, made with boiled barley, roasted shallots, accompanied by dried tomatoes and sun-scented oil. All flavors are then combined with the rabbit consommé, which we made at the beginning.

All we have to do now is to serve the dish! We place the sliced ballotine with the colorful barley pilaf and spinach espuma, a fluffy mousse, on a plate. The arrangement of the food depends only on your imagination, but believe me, it will be a gastronomic concert as well as eye-catching.

Your Executive Chef and his team wish you „bon appétit“.



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The culinary expert suggests a grain pilaf, as a side dish to the ballotine, made with bubbled grain, broiled shallots, joined by dried tomatoes and sun-scented oil. All flavors are then joined with the rabbit consommé, which we made toward the start. The kitchen air is loaded with a charming scent and it stews under the cover - Executive Chef Lukáš Paluska presents another of his magnificent formulas, this time you can appreciate a ballotine of rabbit.


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