Bamboo Massages: Sensual Exotic Relaxation

The intense bamboo experience has good effects on muscles, it helps carry away lymph and reactivate the blood circulation. The unique massage methods help relieve backache and muscle stiffness. Moreover, the massage will ease stress and your mind.

Professional Thai masseurs use untraditional tools, oils and techniques for the bamboo massage. It is bamboo stems that play the key role, serving as means for development of specific circular movements connected with a wide scale of other atypical masseur techniques. Bamboo rods are of various lengths; short rods are used for face and soles, long rods are used for the body. The proper length of the massage tool will develop the optimum press and healing effects.

Bamboo massage found its inspiration in reflexotherapy. During the procedure, masseurs activate reflex points and thus contribute to the positive activation of internal organs and consequent healing stimuli. The bamboo massage has also significant effects on skin, which is during the entire procedure confronted with gentle, nourishing and revitalizing bamboo extract. It ensures the required regeneration of skin, which becomes stronger and more flexible. The highly effective procedure, which has a very positive impact on the body and face, is finished by the touch of healing bamboo cream, giving new energy to the organism.

Relieve your energy blocks by everlasting exotic relaxation. Try this novelty in the world of top wellness and relaxation which is suitable both for men and women and which, thanks to its untraditional concept, will make your stay at the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel even more enjoyable.


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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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