Beauty Salon Magic Charm: A world of beauty from nature's heart

Beauty rests in inner happiness and satisfaction with oneself. Indulge yourself in regular luxury care, which has the ability to momentarily suspend time while thoroughly regenerating body and mind and turning them into a more positive wave. Pay caring attention to your body during your stay in Carlsbad, the renowned spa resort. Prestigious beauty lounge Magic Charm in the high-class medical center of Carlsbad Clinic offers complete cosmetic programs for all skin types.

Are you bound to sophisticated French cosmetics and does your body love the cooling touch of seaweed? Try the excellent range of Thalgo cosmetics. Are you attracted by the passion and soothing embrace of Mother Nature or the strength of the four natural elements that leave your body and mind with beneficial traces of their healthy influence? Be inspired by the emotive Terraké cosmetics.

The concept of seaweed Thalgo cosmetic procedures includes a number of treating, cultivating, cleansing, moisturizing, smoothing, stimulating and activating programs for your facial skin, complemented by numerous massage, ultrasound, lifting and aromatherapy treatments. Thalgo body treatments offer weight-loss, forming, peeling and detoxication programs, ginger, chocolate, or re-mineralizing wraps or fitness massages. Special Mer & Sens programs offer intensive relaxation, combining peeling procedures with lava stone massage and the Indocéane treatment provides an original approach to skin care from the Mediterranean, Egypt, India and China.

Terraké cosmetics inspired by the planetary four elements, earth, water, plants and air, introduces custom cosmetic programs. It makes use of Earth's valuable treasures - sand from the Bora Bora Island or rare pink gemstones, healing sea elements - red algae and marine extracts from the Antarctic, the abundance of nature - red vine from Peru or bamboo with fruit oil and floral wax, or the unique secrets of light and air - gomage flakes.

The luxurious Magic Charm does not leave behind the classic treatments like epilation, depilation, lymphatic massage or dyeing, which complement the extensive range of services.

Dive into a different world with us - a world of natural beauty from nature's heart.


Beauty Salon Magic Charm

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Published date: Aug 15, 2011

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