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Thalgo French cosmetics represent a unique line of seaweed preparations. A unique recipe, using active ingredients of sea origin in a free state, brings a healing touch to your body in the form of decorative, nourishing and curative preparations.

Thalgo has now developed a new luxury preparation for women older than 40, named EXCEPTIONAL BODY. Its balanced composition provides mature organsims with the feeling of freshness. It is the first complex preparation of the Thalgo line with absolute and targeted effect. Unique smooth body cream for beautiful skin and mature figure is best for women whishing to hide the first symptoms of aging. Gentle and discreet flower-powder odour and exceptionally lightly absorbable cream will cover woman's silhouette from head to heels.

The cream composition is very much selected. Natural hormones from seaweed enhance smoothness and regenerate and strengthen skin in depth. Skin gets brighter and more vivid. Specially developed peptides stimulate substances responsible for the integrity of cells and therefore guarantee strengthened body contours, just as perfect as after lifting. Particles of green coffee and mint remove excess fat and help keep to a diet. Lipids, seaweed and bamboo butter support the overall feeling of wellness thanks to which wrinkles and loose skin disappear quickly. Saint lotus acts against problematic orange skin.

Try highly effective Exceptional Body, you will be surprised by its qualities! All Thalgo cosmetic, including cosmetic treatment, are available at the Magic Charm Lounge of Carlsbad Clinic. It is so easy to reveal the secret of eternal beauty!



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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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