Behind the Scenes

On seeing any served dish in a restaurant a question like this might come to mind:  ‘What is behind all this and what actually happens in the kitchen?’CarlsbadPlaza’s chef Lukáš Paluška allowed us to penetrate the secrets of our hotel’s kitchens. 

There are three kitchens in the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel and all of them provide the cooking and serving of meals in the hotel’s restaurants. One of these is the main kitchen, which supplies the buffet restaurant Sorrento, plus there are two smaller auxiliary kitchens one of which services the French restaurant “La Bohème”, room service and helps with the buffet and the third kitchen services the Asian restaurant only.  There is a team of 46 professionals and 24 apprentices in the kitchens who all work towards satisfying our guests’ and employee’s taste buds. There is an unbelievable 1000 meals served each day and the100 kilogramsof orange peels coming from the daily production of freshly squeezed orange juice may serve as proof. Given the fact that the kitchen operate within a five-star hotel it is only natural that the kitchen is open 24 hours a day.

The hotel’s kitchens are equipped with top-class gastronomic technology of such brands as Electrolux and Racional. Constituent of the Carlsbad Plaza’s main kitchen are special chambers dedicated to hot meals, cold meals, vegetables, confectionery, bakery, the butcher’s and the fishmonger’s. We also boast a Pacojet ice cream maker that is capable of producing a wide selection of highly delectable ice creams.

The quality of our ingredients is always the most important thing for us whereas the price is less relevant. Everyday, a stunning 95% of all our ingredients are delivered fresh from trusted suppliers. Lukáš Paluška himself states: ‘we endeavour to deliver high quality meals made of Czech ingredients, namely meats, cheeses and vegetables. It also depends on the type of meal as well as the season of the year.’ In addition to the high quality of our meals some of the ingredients we use are made and tailored exclusively for the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel.

Among our most significant professionals, apart from the Head Chef Lukáš Paluška, employed at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, we also have Jaroslav Václavek who has won many culinary prizes and is president of AKC ČR Karlovy Vary (Association of Cooks and Confectioners of the Czech Republic), Elena Procházkova who is this region’s major professional specializing in cold meals, andPierre Léotardwho is Head Chef of the French restaurant La Bohéme and who also worked for restaurants boasting the Michelin Star. Our culinary team were instrumental in winning the Gold Medal in Hoga Nurnberg, 2007, as well as the Bronze Medal at the Olympics inErfurt, 2008.

Let us now finish our little excursion into the secrets of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza’s kitchens. The members of our team hope that all hotel guests are happy with our services. We wish you pleasant moments spent in the hotel’s restaurants. Enjoy! 


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