Behind the Scenes: 3 exceptional restaurants


How many restaurants are located in the hotel Carlsbad Plaza and what kind of cuisine is served there? What are the specifications and how are they seen from the staff’s point of view? Take a peek at the three great restaurants of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza.

Each restaurant has its own unique atmosphere and the staff, more than 45 employees, will be very happy to serve you. In the kitchen area delicacies are cooked and prepared by about 42 chefs of different gourmet backgrounds and approximately 20 chef’s apprentices.

Welcome to ... La Bohemѐ Restaurant, the pearl of the hotel
Chef Pierre Lѐotard has this cuisine as his kingdom. French cuisine is exceptional and delicious, constantly evolving and offering something unique unrivaled and never before tasted. The staff responsible for the excellence of this restaurant  describe it in one word "success". A place to spend an extraordinary evening after a rewarding day. Additional services include having your fish filleted at the table. A restaurant with an astounding and unique  atmosphere, phenomenal cuisine and a wide range of quality wines.

We invite you to ... The Sweet Orient Restaurant
Transport yourself to the Far East, and enjoy traditional and unusual Asian cuisine. Accompany a variety of flavors, which are typical of Asian cuisine, to a drink of Matcha tea and allow yourself to be entranced by traditional Japanese ceremony. The staff who take care of you in this restaurant describe it in one word , "aroma".  An aroma that takes you to the Orient.

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening ... Sorrento Grand Buffet Restaurant
Be seated comfortably in the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant and let yourself be carried away by various aromas, flavors and colors. An inexhaustible selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner menus will delight your taste buds. Each guest will find their choice in the buffet of Czech and European delicacies. The staff of the largest restaurant in the hotel describe it in one word "family". Chef Lukáš Paluska cordially invites you and your family.


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