Behind the scenes of the hotel: Anthony Mannion

Dear guests of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza, dear readers of the Carlsbad Revue,  in this latest edition of the Carlsbad magazine we present our regular " Behind the Scenes“ column where we once again uncover some hotel secrets. We will introduce our supervisor and trainer, a person who helps the hotel maintain the highest quality of service expectations from standards proposed by the most prestigious hotel alliance in the world - " The Leading Hotels of the World" .

It is a great honor for the hotel Carlsbad Plaza to be counted among the 430 best hotels from 80 countries of the world. The hotel Carlsbad Plaza has been part of the alliance since 2007 , and our membership depends on the ability to continuously fulfill  800 criteria that " The Leading Hotels of the World" requires and inspects. Our hotel has set itself the objective of respecting 1500 criteria.

In order to maintain the highest quality of service we provide training for all hotel staff, which is the work of the aforementioned external supervisor, who also acts as the staff trainer.

Mr. Anthony Mannion is a native of Ireland , he spent most of his life traveling and working in the hotel and catering industry in countries such as his native Ireland , Great Britain , France and the USA. He has lives with his family in Karlovy Vary since 2006, where he spent the first four years building his professional reputation and in 2010 received a unique opportunity to work as staff trainer at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza. He says: "This is very interesting work, and involves a serious and sustained challenge to help each employee achieve the highest level of service quality,  I personally feel great job satisfaction and I'm proud of each and every member of the staff".

"The Leading Hotels of the World " in cooperation with LQA (Leading Quality Assurance), the international inspector of hotel standards,  performed its most recent official inspection at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza in November 2013, and our hotel proudly and successfully defended its membership by fulfilling 85.5 %  of the criteria, an increase of 3.5% on the previous year and consistent with the annual percentage point improvements over the last several years. Global average results for hotels belonging to " The Leading Hotels of the World" alliance in 2013 is 82.2 %.

In the future, we will strive to constantly improve , thanks to the quality of services and the hotel as a whole, our guests feel at home and like to return to us.


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