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Everyone would like to occasionally look into the places that you generally do not see. Through our hotel magazine, which you are browsing through at this very moment, you can go to such places. In our regular column you can for example peek into the chefs pot, or in this case, accept the invitation „behind the scenes“ of the hotel. Welcome to the SAUNADORF at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza.

If you are as yet unsure if saunas are your thing, we believe, that after reading this article your opinion on this kind of relaxation will have fundamentally changed. Not only because a sauna stabilizes and enhances psychological well-being, but also evokes physical rest, regeneration, and helps treat post-traumatic conditions and improves immunity. Using a sauna regularly improves blood circulation in the human body and helps the body to better manage fluctuations in temperature. The sweating involved when using a sauna removes toxic substances from the body, the body is then cleaner and less prone to disease.

So now that we know the advantages of using a suana, let us introduce you to our unique Wellnessland facility, and together visit seven different types of saunas, an anatomical massage pool, a thermo-mineral water pool, anatomical heated loungers, and a relaxation room with waterbeds.

Tepidarium (38 ° C)

The air is enriched with essences, slightly warmes up the body and relaxes. It is especially suitable for clients with impaired musculoskeletal and circulatory systems.

Salt sauna (temperature 38-43 ° C)

The air is an ionised solution of sea salt. This microclimate has positive effects on the airways and warms, relaxes and stimulates the immune system.

Herbal sauna (temperature 38-43 ° C)

The humidified air in the sauna steam is flavored with herbs, such as sage, rosemary or lavender. Depending on the used herbs the effects are anti-inflammatory, stimulating and relaxing. The sauna positively affects the psyche, metabolism and respiration. It is also recommended to prevent colds.

Laconium (temperature 48-50 ° C)

Dry heat rises from the bench, walls and floors. The Laconium is very suitable for clients who cannot tolerate high temperatures. Sweating flushes toxins from the body and has a positive effect on muscle tension and relaxation.

Turkish sauna (temperature 42-45 ° C)

The very humid air is scented with eucalyptus. It has positive effects on the respiratory system, prevents colds and the subsequent sweating flushes toxic substances from the body.

Finnish sauna (temperature 80-90 ° C).

The temperature in the sauna differs depending on where you sit. Evaporation of sweat cools the body. While you sweat, you can also rub the skin, which makes the effect of the sauna even more intense. An integral part of using the sauna is cooling in a pool or in a shower. It is recommended to repeat the heating and cooling phase two or three times. Relaxation in a quiet room should always follow the sauna visit.

Russian sauna (temperature 95-110 ° C)

An intensive effect is achieved by using high temperature and humidity. To increase the humidity in the sauna, you can pour water with birch or coniferous essences on hot stones.

A number of facility staff including lifeguards ensure that the Wellnessland and its other facilities function properly. In addition there is a bar where you can enjoy a refreshing and healthy smoothies. Staff of the technical department ensures the correct function of all the installed technology and the cleaning staff constantly ensures that the area is perfectly clean. In short,the Wellnessland is an area of peace and quiet where you will find ultimate relaxation.




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