Behind the scenes of the hotel: Wellnessland


Are you interested in another side to the coin of our hotel? In any case, we do not want to leave anything hidden from our hotel guests; see the following article through the eyes of the hotel, this time in Wellnessland. Wellnessland Alt Karlsbad is situated on the third floor of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza and is designed to mimic a quiet square of the old town of Karlovy Vary, where you will find everything for the perfect relaxation of your body, much needed calm and a pleasant atmosphere for the balance of your soul. Let's go through the three parts that make up this unique Wellnessland. These are the main swimming pool hall, a sauna area and the cozy part that makes up the relaxation rooms.

In the main pool hall, whose dominant features include a large swimming pool with waterfall, a whirlpool massage pool, an acupressure pool and dimensional whirlpool, a self-service drinks counter and you can indulge in a refreshing drink in the form of fresh juice from our Fir Bar. It is also worth mentioning Garra Rufa, or fish pedicure, and the collagen solarium will surely bring a personal relaxation experience that rejuvenates and heals the skin all over the body.

The second part consists of Wellnessland Saunadorf, featuring a total of seven kinds of saunas; including a Russian and Finnish sauna with temperature spans from 80 to 110 ° C, a herbal and salt sauna, tapidarium, laconium and a Turkish steam bath. Anatomical chairs, a large anatomical massage pool and a cooling mineral pool also form an integral part of SAUNADORF.

The last and the third part is the relaxation room, where the heated water beds and loungers recharge your energy and regenerate body and soul between cycles of time spent in the pool and saunas. 
For your complete satisfaction and comfort a total of nine people manage Wellnessland Alt Karlsbad, including five lifeguards, two people who take care of cleanliness and tidiness, and two people that keep Wellnessland running while the company BWT maintains the state-of-the-art pool technology.

Our Wellnessland Alt Karlsbad is available to all our guests at the basic room rate. Indulge in pure relaxation.



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