Best bars in Karlovy Vary

Do you belong to lovers of exclusive wines coming from best Italian and French family vineyards, do you like to have a glass of excellent cognac, cannot do without a cup of delicious tea every day, cannot resist mixed drinks, or have you fallen for superb glacier, rain, undersea or volcanic waters? Let us invite you to four original bars of the Carlsbad Plaza hotel. Each of the bars will offer you ideal bar services and supply energy in the morning or as a good place for a work meeting, afternoon relaxation or evening friendly get-together.

The exclusive Lobby bar, set in the scene of a genuine English library with a burning fireplace, is a pleasant variant for an informal work meeting with a client, pleasant gathering of friends or reading daily newspapers, with a glass of good wine, cognac or whiskey. The magnificent interior of the Lobby bar is also open to visitors who do not stay at the hotel, but would like to enjoy the peaceful environment for business or informal meetings.

The Old Times Night Bar entertains its guests in a unique historical interior filled with atmosphere on evenings and at night. Stained-glass lamps, elegant furniture, stylish service and a fire burning in the fireplace create a special environment for a romantic rendezvous as well as for celebrations with friends. The Old Times Bar offers first-class alcohol and dazzling cocktail variations. All Barguests may listen to live music, enhancing the special bar atmosphere.

The Bon Soir café opens early in the morning and serves delicious coffee of the Danesi brand and best quality Mighty Leaf teas to all lovers of unique flavours. The exquisite menu of hot drinks, which thanks to its variability takes lovers of tea and coffee to New York, Morocco, Japan, Africa or tropical rain forests, is completed with a broad selection of delicious cakes. Bon Soir café is the best place for a relaxing time in the afternoon or listening to piano music in the evening.

Hotel guests may also visit the Fit Bar, located in the relaxation Alt Karlsbad Wellnessland. Fresh fruit juices, wellness teas or water with healing stones will be best for refreshment after taking spa procedures or sauna.

Choose from our menu according to your wishes!


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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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The Old Times Bar offers first-class alcohol and dazzling cocktail variations. All Barguests may listen to live music, enhancing the special bar atmosphere.


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Each of the bars will offer you ideal bar services and supply energy in the morning or as a good place for a work meeting, afternoon relaxation or evening friendly get-together.


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