Black Pearl at the Old Times Hotel Bar

A cocoa beauty, pirates' ship from the Caribbean or topmost part of a precious jewellery, as well as exclusive cognac – you may imagine all of that under the words "Black Pearl".

The cognac is a result of blending of carefully preserved liquors at a proportion that is a closely watched manufacturing secret. The liquors were also used for the manufacture of famous Louis XIII Black Pearl cognac – Rémy Martin, whose one selling specimen of a limited collection of 786 bottles was added to the collection of Carlsbad Plaza Hotel in October 2008. The treasure is a combination of around 1,200 liquors, 40 up to 100 years old.

"Black Pearl" was originally dedicated to Louis XIII, whose name it bears. The first bottle of the precious series was discovered near the historical battlefield of Jarnac in 1850. The family of Rémy Martin bought the bottle in the same year and made its copies. Since 1960 "Black Pearl" was deposited in a very rare original cask in the cellar of the Rémy Martin family. 786 bottles of the limited collection as mentioned above were filled from the only cask.

The unique specimens are owned by private owners, luxury hotels, businessmen and some prominent personalities, such as Prince Albert of Monaco. Classicist carafes of the unique cognac, made of manually blown Baccarat crystal of anthracite colour, are decorated with platinum details. A French buyer paid EUR 12 thousand for the first bottle of the cognac offered on eBay Internet auction; in Japan Louis XIII Black Pearl cognac was sold for the record sum of EUR 62 thousand.

Hotel Carlsbad Plaza is the only hotel in the Czech Republic offering delicate Louis XIII Black Pearl. "Black Pearl" was deposited in the hotel collection of cognacs and was put on display in the Old Times hotel bar together with bottles of Delamain Voyage, Camus 1878 and Louis XV.


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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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