Born of the Dutch

Gin is one of the best mixable spirits. This alcoholic beverage obtained by distillation of grain with the addition of various herbs is rightfully popular both among bartenders and drinkers of mixed cocktails. Gin originated in the 16th century in the land of flowers, the Netherlands. The first Gin in the world was called Genever, thanks to juniper berries (Dutch genièvre), which is the fundamental basis for its flavor. This exceptional Gin is still produced today and remains very popular. Around the year 1700 the Gin arrived in England, where, for ease of pronunciation in the English language it was called Gen and later renamed Gin.

The main ingredient for the production of gin is quality superfine alcohol grain followed by a botanical composition, which is a mixture of juniper, citrus peel, almonds and other spices and herbs. Gin contains the highest quality to thirteen ingredients in all and the mix is strictly guarded.

Gin is divided into five types, which include Genever, or Dutch type, with a sharp tangy taste. Currently, the best-selling type is London Dry Gin, which is characterized by the lowest sugar content. Other vatiations are Plymonth, produced only in Plymonth in England and Sloe Gin with its brown-red color. The last type is the sweet and aromatic Old Tom's Gin.

Gin can be enjoyed diluted with water from melting ice accompanied by a twist of lemon peel or an olive. From mixed drinks you can choose for example a Martini Cocktail, High Society or Gin Fizz and many, many more.

In the bars and restaurants of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza you can order several of the most famous types of Gin. Beefeater, whose recipe is known by only 6 people in the world and whose ingredients include almonds. Bombay Saphire, in a sapphire blue bottle with a picture of Queen Elizabeth on the label, which represents one of the best Gins in the world. Gordon's, which is currently the best selling Gin in the world and the sixth best-selling liquor overall. Or Tanqueray, a London Dry variety, which is recognizable by its green bottle in the shape of a London water hydrant.

Come and sit by the fire in the Old Times night bar and enjoy the unique flavors that are Gin.


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