Bread as a healthy treat

Bread as a healthy treat

Carlsbad Plaza Thermal Spring bread

On the right bank of the river Teplá, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Karlovy Vary lies the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, a hotel which gives its guests a warm feeling of home and restores their health. Improving health certainly contributes to the continuous improvement of premium services and products. After many trials and countless hours spent at the oven, we finally managed to bake bread which fully meets our high demands. It is brown bread, full of healthy seeds and with the highest possible content of rye flour (90%). Yes, we met our requirements and the " Carlsbad Plaza Thermal Spring Bread " was born.
Rye flour has a high content of fiber, vitamins B and E, calcium minerals, phosphorus, fluorine, iron, magnesium and very low gluten. When we consider bread which helps to heal, it is precisely because of the above-mentioned properties of rye flour and its composition. Our bread has a beneficial effect on digestion, bowel function, helps prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, benefits the circulatory system and strengthens the immune system. Rye itself is a natural source of beta glucans, i.e. polysaccharides, which help to increase the body's defenses against infections and bacteria.
And because the hotel Carlsbad Plaza endeavours to give it‘s guests the best, in collaboration with a Karlovy Vary bakery we have created for you a rye-wheat bread with a unique composition. Our " Carlsbad Plaza Thermal Spring Bread " is also flavored with real Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt and kneaded with the rich variety of healing thermal spring minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, etc.) found in Karlovy Vary spring water. These ingredients can positively affect the metabolism by optimizing the condition of the entire digestive tract, enhancing the overall physical condition of the body to act against diseases of civilization.
From these unique ingredients we have prepared a unique and healthy treat.

Composition of Carlsbad Plaza thermal bread:
Rye flour 90% | Whole wheat flour | Sunflower seed | Rye leaven | malt | Lactic acid bacteria | Karlovy Vary Thermal Spring water | Karlovy Vary Thermal Spring salt | Yeast


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