Brioni – synonym of Italian elegance

We would like to invite you to the world of elegance and comfort, an irresitible world for all gentlemen. We would like to welcome you to the world of Brioni.

Rank, dignity, conservatism and elegance; these are the right words to correctly describe this elite men's wear brand. The man wearing the Brioni style is an elegant self confident man of today who radiates strength and authority in every situation.

The first Brioni shop was opened in Rome after world war II in 1945 and was called like the Italian island Brioni. In those times clients were seeking for elegance, they were not afraid of colours and individuality in every detail.

And just this individuality and sense for detail of this brand hang on to present days, when disregarding of increased demand, Brioni doesn´t change own traditions and the majority of production is covered by manufacture work of notable tailors and more than ¼ of production cover job-ordered manufacture.

Collection autumn-winter 2008/09

Most popular fabric of this season will be fleece, viskose, silk, velvet and cashmere complemented by very popular cubes or stripes designs. Sports fashion will be presented in fine yarn materials, fashion must-haves of the season will be short leather and suede jackets with furry collars. Shoes and belts will be varnished or hand tanned leather.

The shop located directly in reception hall of hotel Carlsbad Plaza offers the entire collection of Brioni, together with casual wear and accessories for the most sophisticated customers. Skilled staff will be happy to assist you to combine modern and comfortable attire in your personal style.



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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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