Carboxytherapy and Paraffin

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Carboxytherapy and Paraffin

Imagine the perfect relaxation in the form of beneficial warmth that relaxes every muscle in your body, warms up all your joints and additionally softens the skin. Or are you rather looking for an effective and quick relief from musculoskeletal pain? In both cases traditional spa treatment has the solution for you, thanks to carboxytherapy and paraffin wraps. Lets get acquainted with both treatments.

Carboxytherapy gains more and more popularity, especially due to its rapid action in painful muscle and joint diseases. What exactly is hiding under that name? This is a therapeutic method, where carbon dioxide is injected to subcutaneous tissue. After a five-minute procedure, the pain magically disappears and patients feel reborn. Carboxytherapy finds its use in both acute and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system and blood circulation disorders. Recommended are 6-10 sessions, which relief the body up to several months.

Paraffin wraps require a bit more of your time. However, the result is definitely worth it. Paraffin is a special wax used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It is sought after for its unique ability to retain heat. Medicinal paraffin can warm up stiff muscles, relieves tension, improves blood circulation and opens the pores of the skin. Its effects are therefore not only medical, but also aesthetical. Effective heat treatment (between 52°C - 62°C) is used in rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, diseases of small joints of the limbs or with dry and cracked skin of hands, feet and elbows.

Do you feel like you would want to try these beneficial effects and convince yourself of the rapid and unexpected effect of pain relief? Then visit the Medical Spa Gallery at our hotel, where you will find a wide selection of traditional and modern spa treatments. Come to relax, get rid of pain and discomfort, and to enjoy everyday life without limits again!


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