Castle Spa

Castle Spa    

From the beginning to the present


The Castle Spring has been first discovered in the historical center of Karlovy Vary in 1769, but not until many years later, namely in 1797; the first pavilion has been built for the fountain. The world-famous Karlovy Vary doctor David Becher, who had conducted a chemical analysis, suggested utilization of the Castle Spring for spa treatment. Already in 1809, however, in connection with the explosion of the Vřídlo (Hot Spring) the Castle spring disappeared and reappeared again 14 years later. After its reappearance a new wooden colonnade designed by the architect Josef Esche was built next to the pavilion.

A big breakthrough for the future of the Castle Spa came in 1910 - 1912, when the Karlovy Vary architect Friedrich Seitz built a new secession colonnade designed by the famous Viennese architect Johann Friedrich Ohmann. The Colonnade became a stunning complex consisting of the Lower Castle Spring colonnade, the colonnade of the Upper Castle Spring and the sunny spa. A year after its appearance, in 1913, the background of the Lower Castle Spring was complemented by a magnificent art nouveau rendition of the Spirit of the Springs, carved into aragonite by the Viennese sculptor Wenzel Hejda. The Spirit of the Springs became a legend, the ruler and guardian of all Karlovy Vary springs.

The latest face was given to the Castle colonnade by the Karlovy Vary architect Ing. arch. Alexander Mikoláš. In the hands of the renowned architect and the company Eden Group a.s. the Castle Colonnade has been adapted to a complex medical center now called the Castle Spa. Currently, the Castle Spa is one of the most beautiful spa centers in Europe, providing its clients with a wide range of treatments and relaxation programs. This spa keeps 8 secrets of uniqueness, which return health and welfare to its visitors.

It is not easy to portray the originality, uniqueness and magic of the Castle Spa in words. Visit this gem of spa treatment yourself and understand.


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