Castle Spa: Restored Tradition of the Genuine Spa

The Castle Spa represents the top of balneology services provided in Karlovy Vary, using both the rich tradition of Czech balneology and unique effects of precious thermal mineral water, the Upper and Lower Castle Springs. The Castle Spa is located in the historical centre of Karlovy Vary, surrounded by the charismatic Market and Thermal Spring Colonnades. The enchanting gem of Karlovy Vary offers spa guests the maximum possible treatment and relaxation comfort, in particular in the unique pool with its own thermal mineral water, located in an architectonic combination of natural rock spaces with construction features that are typical for the beginning of the 20th century. The spa atmosphere is intensified by the stone relief of the so called Spring Spirit, safeguarding all mineral springs in Karlovy Vary.

The Castle Spa is specialized in traditional treatment procedures using time-tested methods, but the spa enlarges the luxury portfolio designed for discriminating clients continuously and extends it with original, modern and sophisticated spa services. The services include either single procedures or comprehensive programs enabling to choose popular combinations of massages, baths and procedures in a unique package.

As a new service, we offer Aroma and Superior Aroma treatment and relaxation programs, which complete the attractive scale of treatment programs tailored to specific client requirements. A basis of the two new spa concepts is the aroma-therapeutic massage, including complete body treatment by aromatic oils, having favourable effects on the function of the organism. Aromatic essences which are contained in the oils will stimulate you and calm down. Together with fine touches, they will have beneficial effects on your nervous system and mind. Healing substances get in your body not only through skin, but the organism perceives them by the nose. The individual approach to every spa client means to mix new original combinations of pure extracts of nature with best-quality curing oils.

Aromatic spa programs offer sensual variations of delightful procedures. Have a carbonated or mineral bath after massage and take the procedures you like best during your stay at the Castle Spa. Enjoy the luxury of internal and external harmony.


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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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