Castle Spa (Zámecké Lázně)...original, magical, wonderful and open to all ...


The unique Castle Spa, located in the heart of Karlovy Vary, is a unique center of traditional spa treatment and is immediately recognized for its original architecture. The historical roots of this treatment facility date back to the period before the First World War, when in 1909 an extensive tender for the selection of construction projects was won by architect Friedrich Ohmann. As a result of his project the Castle Colonnade (Zámecká kolonáda) was built in the years 1911 to 1913.

It was maintained and remained unchanged until 2000, when it underwent major refurbishment and was transformed to become Castle Spa. Friedrich Ohmann’s soul and handiwork remain forever preserved in the form of an ingenious combination of various architectural styles. It is definitely worth noting the stunning antique “rondelle” at the top of the building, which is generally accepted as a hallmark of the Castle Spa.

Uniqueness, successful traditional treatment and relaxation programs put Castle Spa at the forefront of ranking medical centers in the country. One of the eight secrets, all of which are strongly entwined, surrounding Castle Spa, is that it retains a good tradition of spa treatment with the maximum utilization of mineral water. Castle Spa is supplied by it’s own two springs, the Upper and Lower castle springs, which count among the above-mentioned unique secrets. Castle Spa benefits a broad spa clientele as it is accessible to all, it provides an individual approach to it’s clientele while incorporating high-tech equipment and a unique magical environment. Additionally, the treatment thermo-mineral pool is available for each visitor to use while waiting for, or between procedures. This pool, its size and the ratio of mineral water used, is the only of its kind in the Czech Republic.
All procedures are completed in a single visit.

The Castle Spa is not only renowned as a balneotherapy center that offers an unforgettable experience in a beautiful environment with effective results, but it is also home to the “Spirit of the Springs” - the ruler of all Karlovy Vary springs, a tale that is shrouded in mysterious legend. Set out and explore the legend and get a taste of this unique experience for yourself.


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