Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza

Happy Birthday

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza

Oh how time flies, and this year it is already a whopping 10 years, since the Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel Carlsbad Plaza ***** SUPERIOR  boldly opened its doors to its first honored guests.

More than a decade ago, in December 2005, a trial opening of the hotel was organised for the hotelier company Eden Group a.s. at a time of one of the most beautiful Christmas’s in history. Beyond the windows blew snowflakes, which along with the hotel and the entire hotel team welcomed its first clients.
Time quickly passed into 2006, when at the beginning of the year, and in the presence of many celebrities and tourism representatives, a spectacular Gala Opening was held. Excellent food and drinks were served, a band played and guests danced into the early hours, the Gala Opening was indeed a success.
Construction of the hotel began in January 2004 and a mere 23 months later the building in all its glory saw the light and one of the best hotels in Karlovy Vary and Central Europe was born. Few people know that the Carlsbad Plaza hotel was originally supposed to be called Ellen, but fate willed otherwise.
The life of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza may be reflected in several important milestones:
In 2007, the hotel added a luxury medical center - the Carlsbad Clinic, in the same year the hotel was included in the prestigious alliance of the best hotels in the world "The Leading Hotels of the World".
In the following years, gaining increasing recognition and reputation resulted in the highest possible international certification. Since 2011, the hotel was certified 5 * Superior, which it has repeatedly and successfully defended.
And because the hotel Carlsbad Plaza is always a step ahead, in 2014, it came up with a completely new, unprecedented in Europe, genuine therapeutic concept - Medical Spa Suites, which provide the best comfort for traditional spa treatments.
This year the hotel has prepared another novelty, which is the newly renovated rooms on the seventh floor, the so-called Prestige Club Floor, which is available to our regular guests, Prestige Club cardholders.
Let us move forward to 2016 to the celebration of the hotel‘s 10th birthday, which was held this year on January 22nd, with the participation of the most important people from our business partners, suppliers, and travel agencies. During the evening, full of exquisite delicacies and good drinks, among others, we looked back to the birth of the hotel,  a decade ago at the Carlsbad Plaza. Celebrations for the start of yet another successful year, included music, magic, dance performances and prizes for the Top partners.
We firmly believe that we still have a lot of other anniversaries that we can, thanks to you, our guests, celebrate together.


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