Chefs from Carlsbad Plaza have won the Olympic bronze

Not only top athletes celebrate a great holiday every four years, but extraordinary personalities in gastronomy have a major competition within the same time interval. Alike in 2000 and 2004, Culinary Olympics IKA 2008 was held in Erfurt, Germany, lasting for four days and participated by lots of teams from all over the world. The Carlsbad Plaza Team achieved a great success in the category of regional teams, winning the bronze medal, and simultaneously it became the best regional team of the Czech Republic.

The event commences for the entire five-member hotel team a few months before the competition. The rules do not allow using of two identical products or two identical decorations, so it is necessary to determine carefully what to cook in advance. The task is to prepare six various starters, a festive plate for eight people, four-course vegetarian plate, three-course menu and five sorts of desserts. As soon as all suggested meals are conceived, practical testing will start.

For the team, the Olympics mean three sleepless nights, three cooking days and three days of preparation. And then to load it in a car and drive it to the exhibition in Erfurt.

The team must accredit at six a.m. and then they have around two hours to arrange the table. After that a five-member commission arrives and awards points to all displayed works according to certain criteria. Some meals must be prepared in two "copies" so that the commissioners could assess their taste. Similar to figure skating.

After the commissioners have finished their job, the exhibition is opened to the public. The gastronomic event has become very popular with the public and is visited by many people.

Late in the afternoon the winners of the day are announced. However, not only one medal of every metal is awarded, but a certain range of points is determined for every medal, which must be achieved. It means that several medals may be awarded or, on the contrary, no gold medal is awarded, which also happened on the day that nineteen teams competed, including our team. Two participating teams took silver and five teams won bronze. The gold medal is won rarely and therefore we are very happy that the Carlsbad Plaza Team won the bronze medal and wish them much success in the world championship which will be held in Moscow next year.

The bronze Carlsbad Plaza Team:

Lukáš Paluska– Executive Chef

Jaroslav Václavek – Chef of the Kitchen Sorrento

Helena Procházková – Chef of the Cold Kitchen

Jiří Tarackezy - Cook of the Kitchen Sorrento

Věra Šebestová - Chef of the Patisery


IKA 2008

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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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