Chef's recipe

Chef's recipe

Grilled Scallops

Good evening, please take a seat, today we are serving one of the favorite delicacies of our Executive Chef, Lukáš Paluska; baked scallops on leek ragout and parmesan chips.
The chef adds: "Scallops are beautiful sea shells that we all know from the traditional logo seen at Shell petrol stations, but few take these two concepts together. Scallops have notched, two-piece shells inside of which we find a white, fleshy and oval mussel. They live around the world in the shallow areas of the majority of our seas.".
And thus we proceed in their preparation:
Clean the scallop meat and season with salt and freshly ground pepper (four colors), sprinkle with olive oil and leave to rest in a cool place. The Mussels are prepared in a frying pan just before serving, fry on both sides to a nice golden color. But beware, it is of utmost importance not to overcook the Scallop, otherwise their meat would be dry and hard.
Another key ingredient is leek and is prepared as a stew as follows. Cut only the white part of the leek into thick slices and fry with delicious salted butter. When the Leek slices have a glassy tinge, pour in cooking cream and cook slowly until it thickens, season with salt, freshly ground pepper and add a little flair with a drop of lemon juice.
As garnish we now prepare parmesan chips by grating delicious Italian Parmesan cheese and black olives on a fine grater. Then thoroughly mix these two ingredients together and pour to the desired shapes on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Bake for a few minutes until a golden crispy brown.
How to serve? Use your creativity, or you could gently place the sumptuous Scallops on a bed of leek and supplement everything with a parmesan wafer.
Executive Chef Lukáš Paluska and his team wish you „bon appétit“.


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