Chef´s recipe: Caramel cake in a popcorn crust


Welcome once again to the ‘Chef’s Recipe’ regular column. This time we slightly open the door to the kitchen of our French restaurant La Bohème where Chef Pierre Léotard prepares his delicacies. Look forward to the conclusion of your dining experience with the imaginary ‘icing on the cake’. An irresistible dessert in the form of a caramel cake in a popcorn crust.

So let's start preparing the caramel cake. Whisk egg yolks with sugar in a bowl and add caramel cream the resulting light foam and bring to the boil. Then add a gelatin mixture and after cooling mix the fluffy snowy egg with sugar, put the smooth mixture in a mould and place in the freezer for 24 hours. Additionally, with fresh milk, cream, butter and Bubble gum we can create the basis for a magnificent ice cream. To these ingredients we add 5 egg yolks and sugar, allow the mixture to cool down and then with the help of an ice-cream maker we prepare the ice cream. For a sweet caramel sauce we need nothing more than sugar and glucose, cream, nut butter and vanilla seeds from the pod. When everything is hot, stir into a smooth sauce. We are approaching the final - to prepare the popcorn crust we use roasted corn and golden caramel, which we allow to harden together and then blend at the highest level. Combining the supple cake with Bubble gum ice cream, a taste each of us remembers from childhood, creates an incredible and exceptional sweet tasting symbiosis. The top crust consists of popcorn and sweet caramel sauce - a simply amazing ‘icing on the cake’ of a pleasant evening in the restaurant La Bohème at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza.

If reading this recipe for caramel cake takes your taste by storm, you can will appease the cravings at the hotel's restaurant La Bohème, where chef Pierre Léotard his team will put a sweet finish to your evening.  

La Bohème ... suddenly you find yourself in sweet France! Bon appétit!


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