Chef’s Recipe: Wild Chicken Ballotine

Once again Executive Chef Luke Paluska invites you to our restaurant to taste our selected specialties. This time, we look to the French restaurant "La Bohème", where we prepare wild chicken “ballotine” (bundle) consisting of chicken meat stuffed with vegetables, accompanied by red wine sauce and potato-carrot “Cromesqui”.

How to Prepare Wild Chicken Ballotine 
To begin preparing “ballotine” place a layer of pork caul on some cooking foil. Then put the chicken thigh meat and seasoning onto the caul, adding fresh thyme to the meat releases its characteristic aroma. Add another layer of pre-minced raisins, bacon, fresh vegetables, garlic, shallots, fresh herbs, a few drops of cognac and chicken breast. Thanks to the pork caul and foil all the ingredients can now be rolled into a “ballotine” shape, which is then perfectly coated in butter. The butter gives the baked “ballotine” a delicious taste and smell.

How to prepare sauces made of quality red wine
To begin, reduce a desired quantity of quality red wine, add the chicken bones, garlic and carrots, allow to colour and pour in thick chicken broth. Bring to the boil and reduce, season with salt, sugar and pepper. Before serving thicken and refined with nut butter.

Preparatin “Cromesqui”
Boil potatoes and carrots until tender, then sieve, add butter, vegetables, finely chopped shallots, a quality olive oil and a pinch of salt. Place the ingredients on cooking foil and roll put in the freezer until it has hardened. Once set cut into uniform medallions, which are then bread coated and fried until golden brown before serving.

Et voilà ! a combination of traditional and tasty chicken and minced vegetables “ballotine” accompanied by “Cromesqui” vegetable medallions and further enhanced by  a red wine sauce. This symphony of tastes, colors and aromas will delight any gourmand. The Executive Chef and his team wish you "Bon Appetit" and unforgettable dining in the hotel restaurant "La Bohème".


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