Concierge Recommendation: Bečov nad Teplou

Let our concierge advise you in this regular column which brings original and amazing suggestions on how to spend your free time or where to go on a trip. This time discover the culture and history of Czech castles, visit Bečov nad Teplou castle near the famous spa town of Karlovy Vary.

This magnificent site of cultural heritage, proudly located above the river Tepla, is impressive from every angle. The steadfast history of the town of Bečov nad Teplou begins in the year 1349, when the first reliable records reveal the owners of the Bečov domain to be the Lords of Oseka, later Rýzmburk. For many centuries, this unique manor passed through many hands, not to mention the year 1813, when it was purchased by Friedrich August Beaufort-Spontin, who saw the future of his family, contrary to France and Belgium, in revolutions not affected by conservative Austria and indelibly written into his life story.

With its defensive tower, residential palace, impressive chapel, exceptional paintings from the late Gothic period, one of the largest dungeons in Bohemia, residential tower, a picturesque landscaped park, and the especially breathtaking reliquary of St. Maurus, which was procured by the the son of Friedrich Augustus, Alfred Beaufort-Spontin undoubtedly experienced powerful moments on the cultural road. The reliquary of St. Maurus, the pride of the castle and manor, was made to order by the Benedictine monastery in Florennes, Belgium, and is known for its re-discovery in the 20th century. The reliquary ‘s historical record disappeared for 40 years because Beaufort had to leave the country for collaborating with the Nazis. The reliquary was hidden in an excavated hole in the floor of the chapel of the Annunciation, where it was discovered in 1985.

Let the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, among others, be your guide on the path of discovery and warmly invite you to visit the national cultural monument of Bečov nad Teplou castle and the reliquary of St. Maurus. For further information please ask at main reception.



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