A relatively new method of treatment using cold - Cryotherapy is a totally different method of treatment that will inspire and fascinate. Cryotherapy is indicated by a doctor in cases of rheumatic diseases, arthritis, painful conditions of the joints and muscles, asthma, disorders of the central activity, aesthetic skin problems and many other ailments, as well as chronic disease that can be treated successfully with this method. But how is cryotherapy performed?

During cryotherapy the patient's body is exposed to extremely low temperatures. Firstly, and for only a few seconds, the patient enters two antechambers. In the first chamber, the temperature is 10 ° below zero, and in the second it is 60 degrees below freezing. After the so-called preparatory chambers the patient then enters the third therapeutic chamber, located in a room where the temperature is a staggering - 100 to - 110 ° C. The air in the chamber is completely dry, and this is why the human body can withstand the frigid conditions inside the chamber. Within the chamber the patient must remain absolutely serene and at peace, adapt breathing and use slow movements. The patient is in constant contact with the therapist, who keeps you informed about how long you have spent in the chamber.

Thanks to the absolutely dry air in the chamber, core body temperature is not affected, only body surface temperature decreases, which ensures immensely improved blood flow, loss of pain, accelerated metabolism and healing processes. And how long must the patient stay in the Cryochamber? The whole course of cryotherapy lasts for about 2-3 minutes. For optimal results and effective treatment, 10 visits to the freezing chambers with such incredibly positive effects are recommended.

The Carlsbad Clinic, located at our hotel boasts the only three-chamber whole-body cryotherapy chamber in the Czech Republic. Would you like to relax your aching limbs and say goodbye to pain? Then visit the Carlsbad Clinic at the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel..


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