Develop your senses like the flowering of tea ...

Tea is not only about a nice aroma and delicious taste. It may also look beautiful and therefore intensely stimulate your senses. These inspiring flowering teas will make the relaxing moments you select more enjoyable and will pleasantly surprise you with their attractive concept that complements the existing range of high quality loose and bagged teas available in our 'Sweet Orient' restaurant.

Each blossoming tea is hand-tied using the leaves of green or black tea, a process called 'Silver Needles', and fragrant herbs and flowers that were produced specifically for the creation of the tea bud. The miraculous flowering of the modest bud doesn't lasts more than five minutes and is an aesthetically fulfilling quiet, but utterly breathtaking tea ritual.

  • Each bud is different and creates a diversity of feelings. Choose the flowering tea "Endless Love" for example, and fall in love with the jasmine flowers, arranged in a semi-circle of the pink Gomphrena globosa flower and the intoxicating aromas of the marigold.
  • Flowering tea "Dancing Fairy" brings jasmine and lily into a glorious arch, which opens over green tea leaves in a glass pot.
  • Treat your loved ones and have a cup of blossoming "Heart to Heart" tea with them. The tea bud opens in hot water and develops into a graceful pink-red flower, which resembles two hearts entwined.
  • Let warm sunshine flow through your body with "Sunbeam". Like rays leaving the sun, hot water causes the yellow chrysanthemum to bloom and release the sunrays of the jasmine flower.
  • Fall in love quickly and fatally. Enjoy the blooming tea "Cupids Arrow", the heart-shaped flower bud blooms in hot water into a sensual tricolor image The Marigold displaying the heart, the Gomphrena globosa flower showing the arrow and the jasmine flower representing the fatal arrow tip.
  • "Pretty in pink" blossoms into a sweet star coloring the water with a penetrating light red infusion, which along with intense flavors offers the beneficial strength of green tea.
  • Choose the best company for lonely nights. The flowering tea "Evening Star" displays the snow-white blossoms of jasmine and marigold petals in a background of strong black tea, as if the first shining stars are pursuing each other across the night sky.


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Published date: Aug 15, 2011

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