Diamond Glamour

The philosophy of Diamond Glamour is to satisfy each customer's wishes, and therefore in its jewelry boutique of the same name in the spa town of Karlovy Vary, Diamond Glamour offers clients a wide selection of luxury diamond jewelry and also other precious gemstone jewelry.

The Glamour Diamond Company has been successfully operating on the Czech market for several years and its experience in the sale of jewelry is reflected in the selection of goods offered. Experts from Diamond Glamour individually select each piece of jewelry using the strictest of quality criteria. Undoubtedly the most important criteria is the quality of the gem  as well as the workmanship used in creating an original and timeless design, because a real jewel is a work of art and should make its wearer fell  unique.

It is quite understandable that not every piece of jewelry can meet these strict criteria, and therefore Glamour Diamond collaborates with world-famous jewelry manufacturers, whose names alone are already a guarantee of quality and originality. Among these include the Italian brand UTOPIA, which is famous for beautiful jewelry with sea pearls, or other reputable Italian producers such as CHIMENTO, CRIVELLI, CHARADE, PAOLO PIOVAN and MORAGLIONE. Popular international celebrity brands include BRUMANI of Brazil, which offer a wide range of original gold jewelry with gemstones. Clients who prefer elegance and simplicity can choose from Glamour Diamonds’ FOPE collection, whose jewelry is the epitome of Italian elegance and precise jewelry craftsmanship.

Glamour Diamond also proposes a wide range of high-quality watches in its jewelry boutique. Probably few people today know that clockwork with self-winding was invented back in 1777 by Abraham-Louis Perreletem, the Swiss watchmaker, whose name still represents the watch brand PERRELET. In its boutique Diamond Glamour not only proposes an extensive collection of PERRELET watches, but also exceptional Swiss-made chronograph from GRAHAM-LONDON.


Diamond Glamour

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Published date: Mar 20, 2012

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