Diamonds International Corporation

The Company's principal activity is the manufacture and sale of original diamond jewellery, sale of investment diamonds and gem wholesale. It has become one of the biggest traders of investment diamonds in Central Europe. It has direct connections to mines and best cutting shops and therefore is able to satisfy all its clients to the maximum.

All jewels with diamonds at least 0.1ct big are certified and are made in our own workshops. They are also protected by the D.I.C. trademark registered in the entire European Union and hallmark according to valid legislation. We collaborate with best designers and artists. For example, two unique collections of jewels for D.I.C. were created by Blanka Matragi, a world famous fashion designer.

At the present time the major part of the Company's turnover is gained from by investment diamonds, as diamond is highly concentrated commodity, mobile and well tested in hundreds of years. It is a traditional investment in times of unstable economic or political situation which is known all over the world and therefore may be traded for products, services of monies whenever necessary.

The general manager of D.I.C. a.s. is Ing. Přemysl Synek, a leading Czech diamond specialist and IGI grader who has specialized in diamonds for more than 15 years. Another important person that contributed to the Company's expansion and development is MUDr. Luboš Říha, the Board Chairman, who has focused on trade both in the Czech Republic and abroad since finishing his university studies.

D.I.C. forms unique diamond clubs in locations of its daughter companies where you may get to know everything about diamonds in a luxury environment and in privacy. You may also see the complete selection of original jewels and, over a cup of good coffee, feel the magic of diamonds which people have yield to from time immemorial thanks to their aesthetic value, as well as due to rational and investment reasons. Come to get known with the genuine mysticism of diamonds at D.I.C.

You will find diamond clubs in the following places:

Czech Republic: D.I.C. Showroom Prague
Široká 15, Praha 1 – Josefov, 110 00
Tel.: +420 739 322 517 email:

Slovak Republic: D.I.C. Showroom Bratislava
Ventúrska 3, Bratislava, 811 01
Tel.: +421 918 323 266 email:

Serbia: D.I.C. Showroom Beograd
Milentija Popovića 9, Prodavnica broj 23, 11 070, Novi Beograd
Tel.: +381 113 056 826 email:

Croatia: D.I.C. Showroom Zagreb
Folnegovićeva 1b – II. Kat, 10 000 Zagreb
Tel.: +385 164 06 835 email:

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MUDr. Luboš Říha, the Board Chairman, who has focused on trade both in the Czech Republic and abroad since finishing his university studies.


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