Discover the hotel “behind the scenes”: Laundry

Who would not like clean and fragrant linen waiting for them everyday in the hotel, soft towels in the bathroom, the spa and health center, and luxurious linen in the dining areas? And who would not appreciate day after day that the hotel staff welcome them in clean and perfectly ironed uniforms? Come with us to see the hotel "behind the scenes" to reveal quite surprising findings ...

The Carlsbad Plaza Hotel has its own state-of-the-art laundry, which employs 16 people. The laundry operates 7 days a week, generally 12 hours a day, but up to 24 hours a day when necessary. Our laundry service caters not only for almost all hotel and restaurant linens, linens for the medical department and employee uniforms, but also hotel guests' clothing.

Every hotel guest can use the laundry service. Our laundry department has excellent washing machines, dryers, rolling presses, ironing stations and steaming boards for ironing sleeves and trouser legs. All the equipment used by the laundry service is manufactured by 'Miele'. We also provide a chemical dry cleaning service. In the event that the laundry cannot cope with some stains, we send the clothing to a specialized dry cleaner. For the proper cleaning of clothing is it necessary to have information regarding the recommended cleaning method.

The largest volume of laundry which goes through the hotel laundry room regularly comes from hotel's sources. The hotel has approx. 13,000 pieces of linen, which are stored in 11 storerooms. An average of 850 kilograms of linen is washed by the hotel's laundry service on a daily basis, which amounts to nearly 26 tons per month. Perfectly cleaned linen goes through the hands of hotel employees who dry, iron, and precisely fold it, in order for you, our guests, to receive clean and fragrant linen in your room.

Access to the hotel laundry has yet another pleasant benefit. Our laundry uses detergents and washing powders by Johnson Diversey, which in their composition are not only friendly to your skin but also environmentally friendly.

We believe that the employees of the hotel's laundry service deserve great thanks for their daily hard work. We believe that you will appreciate the precision with which they deal with the hotel's linen and your personal laundry. Thanks to this attentive care you have an additional reason to enjoy a perfect stay in our hotel.


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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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