Discover the secrets of cognac

The Origin and History of Cognac

Today only a select few realize by what unusual circumstances the renowned golden drink known as 'cognac' was created. In the 3rd century AD extensive vineyards had already been established in the vast region then known as 'Gaul'. A thousand years later William X (then Duke of Guyenne) founded one of the biggest ever wine producing territories known as the Vignoble de Poitou, from which Dutch ships began exporting wine to Nordic countries.

Dutch sailors soon discovered that the long journey by sea reduced the quality of the wine, and therefore decide to distill the beverage. They named this newly burnt wine brandwijn, or brandy. From the 17th century on it was discovered that distilling the wine twice created an 'eau-de-vie'. And then again by coincidence the sailors found that by transferring the newly distilled wine into oak barrels gave the drink a smoother and fuller flavor.

The 20th century brought a more scientific approach to growing grapes and stricter rules for quality production. Since 1 May 1909 a legally defined geographic area for the manufacturing of quality cognac beverages is overseen by the 'Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac'.

Today's variations of cognac

Today, the beverage is exported to more than 150 countries under special labeling.

V.S. (Very Special)
The youngest graded brandy, aged at least two years, the average age is 3-5 years.

V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale), V.S.O. (Very Superior Old) and V.O. (Very Old)
The youngest cognac in the blend is aged for a minimum of 4 years, the average age of the mixture is 5-10 years.

X.O. - (Extra Old)
The youngest brandy is aged for at least 6 years but average upwards of 20 years.

A mixture of spirits aged 30 years and generally older that an X.O.

Hors d 'Age
Age unknown, a high quality product that is beyond the official age scale. Delicious !!

On offer at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza

You can also indulge in the exquisite taste of cognac at the Carlsbad Plaza. where we offer a complete range of renowned brands such as Hennessy, Remy Martin and Martell in our bars and restaurants. In our 'Old Times' night bar you can find and purchase bottles from a selection of really rare cognacs, including – Camus 1878, Louis XV 1888, Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl, Delamain Le Voyage, Martell Creation and Hennessy Richard.


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Published date: Aug 9, 2011

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