Discover your unique beauty with Sensai Cosmetics.

We all have our own natural unique beauty that reflects our lives. Sensai cosmetics not only respect individuality, but also help illustrate and enhance your natural beauty.

Perhaps one the most luxurious materials in the world is silk, which, for its smooth structure and minimum permeability is often refered to as a „second skin". The most prized among the various types of silk is a rare variety called „Koishimaru" from Japan.

Sensai specialists have discovered a unique power that is hidden in these fibers. Its secret lies in a combination of Koishimaru silk and the most advanced skin care technology. The result is a unique cosmetic range and beauty treatments. Thanks to this combination you can regain your natural beauty.

The "Magic Charm lounge" beauty salon at the Carlsbad Clinic is the only clinic in the Czech Republic that offers you the opportunity to experience these luxurious beauty treatments and to buy Sensai beauty products.

Your skin requires individual care and your reward will be natural beauty!



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Published date: Aug 15, 2011

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