Eternal youth

We cannot stop time and it is measured the same for each of us. But we can slow down aging, thanks to the anti-aging medical treatment that you can try at the Carlsbad Clinic in Carlsbad Plaza hotel.

The emergence of anti-aging or medicine against aging, a new 21 century medicine, is the result of an aging world population. The life expectancy of people is constantly extending and everyone should be able to enjoy life to the end of their days. This medicine has successfully established itself in Europe after its introduction in the U.S. In the Czech Republic there currently operates only one certified anti-aging medical clinic, an A2C clinic which currently provides these services at the Carlsbad Clinic.

The primary function anti-aging medicine is to achieve the best possible human health status while simultaneously slowing down the process of aging for all age groups. Anti-aging procedures combine traditional Western medicine with the art and traditions of Eastern medicine and is able to rejuvenate the human body externally and internally.

At the clinic of the hotel you have the possibility to undergo treatments such as a brain neurotransmitters examination, which is designed for clients who feel tired and have trouble concentrating. You can also undergo computer processing of your health and lifestyle and a test of food intolerance, something which may occur in your diet and can be harmful.

Anti-aging medicine is for all ages and is primarily about prevention. Health care from an early age and the influences of lifestyle are the basis of a healthy life. Visit the Carlsbad Clinic and slow down the aging of your body thanks to modern medicine.


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