Etiquette : a true gentleman


"Boys are born and with age become a men, but to be a gentleman - is a matter of personal preference. "

Our regular column on Etiquette focuses on the rules of social behavior, this time we focus on the question of male honor.  How should a true gentleman behave? True gentlemen are becoming rare in these modern times of accelerating impersonal contact.  Being representative, which is characterized by men of the past, at present seems to be a little ‘passé’ or old fashioned. So that a man can be considered a true gentleman, he should observe the following basic rules.

At first glance we can recognize a gentleman by his appearance, a manicured appearance and stylish clothing is a must. Conversation should show a general education, a fluent and pleasant tone of voice, clever and appropriate use of language and gentlemen can entertain their company. Every gentleman as everyone knows has a powerful weapon, his irresistible charm, which can, for example, at the dinner table be used to charm many a lady, and whose welfare the gentleman should take above all things by becoming the brave protector. In all circumstances a gentleman never loses his composure and always behaves honestly,  when in company a gentleman sips rather than drinks alcohol,  behaves very tactfully and accepts the will of others .

It is decent and confident demeanor for a man to open a door more than once, a door that many others before left closed. A man must find his inner gentleman and completely identify with him. No teaching can make perfect, so it is also important in this respect, to practice, be patience, and especially use conviction.

If you memorize the above -mentioned basic rules , your journey to become a real gentleman will certainly be victorious ... but do not forget that being a gentleman - is a matter of personal preference.


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