Etiquette: Fundamentals of corporate etiquette


Welcome to our regular column on Etiquette, where with you and with each release of the Carlsbad Revue we try to refresh our standards of behaviour. This time we will discuss the basics of business etiquette.

We begin with corporate culture, the principle that shapes and defines a company, and which includes such areas as mission, values, etiquette, expectations, goals and working environment. In the following lines, let us together focus on Etiquette. Indeed it is deemed that one of the foundations of corporate etiquette is polite and respectful behavior among colleagues and employees, for example respectfully greeting the Director as well as a  maintenance worker, however and unfortunately it generally depends on character. When taking work documents and materials to a meeting, it is totally inappropriate to carry them in shopping or sports bags or loosely in the hands, and there is a practical reason for this. For company, professional and diplomatic contact, in principle we use business cards, always keep them with you, you never know who you could meet. For example, in Japan it is customary courtesy to always accept a business card with both hands and read it. To help remember the card and its details one should use an interesting logo, design and font.

Considering that a fundamental requirement for business is time, everyone without exception should pay attenion to procedure and punctuality. It is unbelievable how much damage is caused by being late for an appointment. The American HR Magazine published an estimate of the damage caused by employee’s delays. And how much is it? An Incredible $ 3 billion.

Clothes make a person!, so the concept of business dress code has become a regular topic of discussion. In an everyday business context a man is expected  to be dressed in a gray or dark suit, however the color range for women's clothing is not so strictly limited. Ladies should remember that conservatism when choosing colors is a testament to refined taste and job position.

Perhaps this column deserves much more space, but we do not want to risk that a plethora of interesting information and reading becomes a boring list of facts. The hotel Carlsbad Plaza also demands good business etiquette and carefully selects its employees who are solid building block for the success and satisfaction of our guests.



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