Etiquette: Necktie

Etiquette: Necktie


"A well tied tie is the first serious step in life."Oscar Wilde
Follow our guide into the world of ethics, sit back for a moment because we are about to enter the 17th century, more specifically 1635, we have witnessed the birth of the now traditional fashion accessory, the necktie. As it often happens in the fashion world, it all began in Paris, where Croatian soldiers arrived to help the King of France. Part of their uniforms was a scarf tied around the neck, for higher ranking soldiers the quality of the scarf’s material was better. Later these ties becames part of the French army uniform. The tie has gradually become popular not only among soldiers but also ordinary men.
Ties now form an integral part of every man's wardrobe, and if you think you're a real expert in tying neckties, you're probably wrong. It is quite surprising but the French author Mascon in his book on ties recorded 188 kinds of tie knots. Put your hand on your heart, which one of you gentlemen are now intimidated? A smile is frozen on the face of many women just now! But if you know how to tie at least 2 quality tie knots, you’re a winner.
One small knot for narrow-collared shirts and a bigger necktie knot for a wider, Italian collar. Because smaller knots do not require a long tie they are especially popular among taller men who have a problem with tying large knots. Tying a sufficient length for the tie to reach the belt buckle is prescribed etiquette. A larger size of knot is sometimes created with a second or third wrap.
Surely you've noticed a gentleman with a dent on the knot of his necktie. Dents are in fact becoming very popular. Creating a dent on the tie knot is performed in the last step of tying a tie. Just create a gap in the middle of the knot by sliding your finger under the final loop before tightening. Then at the same time, slowly tighten the knot and slide your finger out.
A little advice in conclusion: Never loosen the knot of the tie, it might show your fatigue and lack of professionalism. It’s better to take the tie off completely than loosening the knot.


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